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AgreenSkills (2012-2016) & AgreenSkills+ (2014-2019) at a glance

AgreenSkills and AgreenSkills+ were two international postdoctoral fellowship programmes co-funded by the European Union (COFUND-FP7 People Programme) and coordinated by INRAE (formely INRA) in collaboration with  Agreenium-IAVFF , the French Agricultural, Veterinary and Forestry Institute. 

Since the launch of the first programme in September 2012, AgreenSkills programmes have supported challenging basic or applied research projects in all fields of life, food and environmental sciences which may contribute to scientific domains of Agreenium-IAVFF members i.e. agriculture and forestry, food and nutrition, environment, and animal health. The selection was made through a continuous call for applications, with two selection rounds per year.

For INRA and its partner institutions, these two successive programmes provided a renewed source of talent and inspiration for new lines of research based on reinforced collaborations between teams at European and international level.

For the fellows and alumni who testified each year as part of the annual meetings of their passion for research as well as for the members of the Scientific Committee, the Ethics Commission and management team, these programmes were a very rich and exciting experience.

We encourage you to visit the AgreenSkills’ website and to browse through the individual profiles of the 212 fellows and their research projects, and to download the content of the conferences and training courses organized as part of the annual meetings.

Two types of fellowships

  • Incoming fellowships were open to researchers coming from all countries who applied to undertake a research project within one of the 300 Agreenium-IAVFF members' receiving labs in France.
  • Outgoing fellowships were open to researchers employed by one of the Agreenium-IAVFF institutions who wish to develop a research project in a university research unit or research center outside France.

Attractive conditions

  • Attractive salaries: from € 3,500 (Young researcher) up to € 4,800 (Independent researcher) gross monthly.
  • Mobility duration and flexibility: from 1 year up to 3 years for incoming fellowships and 6 months to 24 months for outgoing fellowships.
  • A wide choice of labs and excellence hosting conditions: access to more than 300 research unit in France
  • Training and networking, notably in the frame of six AgSk & AgSk+ annual meetings.

Key figures 

  • 13 selection rounds were held from September 2012 to early 2018.
  • More than 620 applications were submitted to evaluation.
  • Around 1 800 reviewing reports  were collected from international experts; a data base of around 3 000 experts.
  • 212 talented young researchers from all disciplines and from all over the world were granted an AgSk or AgSk+ fellowship !

AgreenSkills programme might be involved by INRAE evaluation 2016-2020

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