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Receiving Labs Database

Agreenium-IAVFF Receiving Labs Data Base ( AgreenLabs ) provides access to more than 300 research units and 800 research teams that could host AgreenSkills mobility projects.

In the  AgreenLabs  you will find information on all Agreenium-IAVFF members’ research teams and research units (i.e. the research units grouping together several research teams).

For each research team and unit, the  AgreenLabs  includes a brief description comprising the contact details of the referent person, a summary of activities, key words, subjects and main disciplines, as well as the lab’s website address, which enables full access to all information, background and scientific objectives of the research unit’s teams.

Please note that this database has just been created and that it is still under construction.

The information on the various units has been collected from the directories of all Agreenium-IAVFF members with some revision and adjustments to improve the quality of the information provided. These improvements will continue in the months to come.

Even if the data remains incomplete in certain cases, the  AgreenLabs  will allow you to identify and globally appreciate the scientific background adapted to a specific research project.

A user guide will soon be put online to help your search. In the meantime, in case any technical problems should arise while using this database, please contact:  contact@agreenlabs.fr

In addition to the  AgreenLabs , you can still consult Agreenium-IAVFF members’ webpages to access the lists of potential hosting units using the links below

INRA Directories

CIRAD Research Units

Agrocampus Ouest Research Units

AgroParisTech Research Units

Montpellier Supagro Research Units

INP Toulouse Laboratories

AgroSupDijon Research Units

Bordeaux Sciences Agro Researchs Units

ENVT Research Units

VetAgro Sup Research Units

Oniris Research Units

Enva Research 

Université de Lorraine Research Centers

Anses Laboratories

Irstea Research Units

Ecole-paysage LAPER

Enfa Research Laboratories

Engees Research Units

AgreenSkills management team can also assist you in finding the most suitable hosting research groups by:

  • Provision, if necessary, of a personalized list of relevant host laboratories potentially interested in your profile and research project;
  • Giving you access to the currently available research opportunities on a dedicated section of the AgreenSkills secured portal: the Labs Proposals.

Note that you may also be directly contacted by receiving laboratories as they have full access to applicants’ information.

Once you have identified the research group you wish to work with, please do not hesitate to contact the referent person to ask for further information on the scientific background and the hosting conditions offered by the unit.