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AgreenSkills Steering Committee

The AgreenSkills Steering Committee was in charge of selecting the Expert Panels, as well as of appointing the Expert Chairpersons and Deputy Expert Chairpersons and final decisions regarding the selection of fellows.

The AgreenSkills Steering Committee was composed by the AgreenSkills Coordinator, the Deputy Coordinator, 3 INRA representatives (one per each scientific domain - Agriculture, Environment and Nutrition), one representative from Cirad and one representative from the Agreenium-IAVFF Higher Ed. Schools.

List of members of the AgreenSkills Steering Committee

  • Chair: Dr Gilles Aumont, INRA (Animal Health and Pathology) 
  • Dr Patrice Caron, CIRAD Scientific Director, (Social and Economic Sciences)
  • Dr Philippe Chemineau, INRA (Animal Sciences, Physiology)
  • Dr Paul Colonna, INRA (Food Process and Biotechnology)
  • Dr Erwin Dreyer, INRA (Forest Sciences, Ecology)
  • Dr Thierry Doré, AgroParisTech (Agronomy, Environmental Sciences, Agro-ecology)
  • Dr Odile Vilotte, INRA-Agreenium-IAVFF (Management of Scientific Organizations)