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AgreenSkills' Committees

The AgreenSkills programmes were assisted by three Committees: AgreenSkills Scientific Committee, AgreenSkills Ethics Commission and a Steering Committee.

The Scientific Committee

The AgreenSkills Scientific Committee was involved in most steps of the implementation of AgSk & AgSk+ programmes as well as in their improvement and evolution. It was in charge of the evaluation of the mobility projects, based on a review by international experts, and was guarant of the quality of the whole evaluation process. He was also deeply involved in the organization and chairing of the AgreenSkills annual meetings that are very special occasions to meet and exchange with the fellows about the implementation of their project and further scientific career perspectives.

Professor Steve Bishop, group leader at the Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, where he held the chair in animal disease genetics, had been the Chair of AgreenSkills Scientific Committee since the beginning of the AgreenSkills initiative in 2012 up to 2015. 

The Ethics Commission

The Ethics Commission mission was to raise young researchers' awareness of ethical issues and ensure that these issues were properly addressed in their research projects. The Ethics Commission has been instrumental in setting up an Ethics session at AgreenSkills annual meetings.