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Professor Steve Bishop, Chair of AgreenSkills Scientific Committee (2012-2015)

We are very sad to announce that Steve Bishop, the Chair of AgreenSkills Scientific Committee, passed away on 2 April, after a long and painful period of illness. 

DR Bishop

Since the beginning of the AgreenSkills initiative in 2012 we have been privileged to be led by Steve into daily programme work. He was a wonderfully warm person and talented scientist who, as chair of the AgreenSkills scientific panel, offered constructive criticism on research proposals from across the full scientific spectrum and ensured that every proposal was given a fair hearing and every applicant was provided with constructive feedback and encouragement. His unselfish enthusiasm for supporting and nurturing the next generation of researchers through the initiative shone through. Steve devoted an enormous amount of energy to ensuring the success of AgreenSkills and we would like to convey the gratitude of all Agreenium partners for his pivotal contribution to the scientific community in France.

AgreenSkills team and committees will continue their work in Steve’s absence, aspiring to conduct business according to the very high standards that Steve set and he will always be in our thoughts. Beyond his dedication to the programme and through his tireless work, Steve touched the lives of many people across Europe and gave many young researchers the chance to pursue their dreams.

AgreenSkills’ Committees and Management Team