Yan-Shih Lin

session, year:
2016 1st

Former fellow

Receiving laboratory:
EEF Forest Ecology and Ecophysiology Nancy

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Tree Species Interactions under Soil Drought Conditions

Extreme droughts induced by climate change have led to drought-induced  die-off  events  in  several  parts  of  the  world.  Such  events  have been  observed  for  pine  and  other  species,  in  particular  regions  across Europe   and   southwest   of   North   American.   Previous   studies   have demonstrated  the  relationship  betweenspecies  diversityandresistance  to droughtin  forest  ecosystems  under  certain  environmental  conditions. However,  despite  the  potential  benefits  of  multi-species  interactionson forest  resistance  to  drought,  little  is  known  in  terms  of  its  underlying mechanisms  which drivethe  positive  and/or  negative  feedbacks  at  both above-andbelow-ground levels.To understand the underlying mechanisms and their relationships with biotic and abiotic covariates, I propose a project to exam the effect of species-interactions on  drought  response  in  both  a mesocosmsunder controlledgrowth  environment  and  in  a  field  experimentsettings.  The main   objects   of   the   project   are   to   characterize   (1)   above-ground physiological  responses  on  stomatal  vs.  non-stomatal  drought  response, (2)  below-ground  soil  water  uptake  dynamics,  (3) whole  plant carbon allocation  patterns,  and  (4)  carbon  isotope  composition  and  water  use efficiencyof  tree seedlingsgrowing  under  different species  interactionsand  soil  water  conditions.  I  plan  to  employ  both  leaf  gas  exchange techniques  and  isotope  labelling  methods  to quantify  the  above  objects. Two of the  most  common  species in  Europe,  Scots pine  and  Sessile  oak, will be used as the model species.


Plant drought response, species interactions, stomatal and non-stomatal response, carbon allocation, stable isotope