Wenjie Liao

Wenjie Liao

session, year:
2012 2nd

Former fellow

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UMR SAS, Soil Agro- and Hydro-systems, Rennes

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Mobility project

Life Cycle Assessment and pollutant emission dynamics

This mobility project aimed to tackle some challenges faced by the practical use of life cycle assessment (LCA) for farming systems by exploring the potential of the use of biophysical dynamic simulation models to integrate the pollutant emission dynamics in LCA for improved environmental assessment. The project has coupled an INRA in-house nitrogen model with the LCA model as implemented in the INRA Multicriteria Assessment of Sustainability (MEANS) platform for agri-food systems. Several catchments in the Brittany peninsula of France that have intensive mixed cropping and livestock farming systems has been used as a case study.

Biography & research interests

Wenjie Liao is an environmental scientist. In 2012 he received his PhD from Leiden University (Leiden, the Netherlands) for the thesis entitled “A thermodynamic perspective on technologies in the Anthropocene: Analyzing environmental sustainability”. After this, he worked as a Marie-Curie/AgreenSkills postdoctoral researcher with the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (Rennes, France). His research focused on the integration of pollutant emission dynamics in life cycle assessment for improved environmental assessment of crop production. Since 2015, he works with the Institute of New Energy and Low-Carbon Technology of Sichuan University (Chengdu, China) as an associate professor of energy and environmental systems science. His current research interests include: 1) life cycle assessment of emerging energy and chemical technologies; 2) analysis of environmental and energy policies about the green development strategy in China; and 3) knowledge synergy between industrial ecology, earth system science, agro-ecology, etc. to understand interactions between human systems and the environment.

Selected publications

Mo, C., Liao, W., Liang, B.*, Li, C., Yue, H., Xie, H., 2017. Life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions and cost of potassium extraction and CO2 mineralization via K-feldspar—industrial solid waste calcination. CIESC Journal 68(6):2501-2509. (in Chinese)

Feng, L., Liao, W.*, 2016. Legislation, plans, and policies for prevention and control of air pollution in China: Achievements, challenges, and improvements. Journal of Cleaner Production 112, 1549-1558.

Liao, W.*., van der Werf, H. M. G., Salmon-Monviola, J., 2015. Improved environmental life cycle assessment of crop production at the catchment scale via a process-based nitrogen simulation model. Environmental Science & Technology 49(18), 10790-10796.

Liao, W., 2012. A thermodynamic perspective on technologies in the Anthropocene: Analyzing environmental sustainability. Ph.D. thesis, Leiden University, Leiden, the Netherlands, ISBN: 978-94-6203-070-1,

Awards & patents

Sichuan Provincial Academic and Technical Leader - Reserve Candidate, Sichuan Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, 2018-

Excellent trainee of the Course Economics and Public Policy, the St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford, 2016

Marie Curie Fellowship, European Commission Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions, 2013-2015

Talks in annual meetings

Life Cycle Assessment and pollutant emission dynamics
2013 / P3 Population and Ecosystems / by Wenjie Liao / Fellows Speed Presentation


Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental assessment, Spatial variability, Dynamics, Simulation, Catchment, Farming system, Nitrogen emissions