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Sébastien Garrigues

Sébastien Garrigues

session, year:
2015 2nd


Receiving laboratory:
The University of Reading and Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Wallingfor

Country of origin:


Country of destination:

United Kingdom

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Mobility project

Long-term evolution of evapotranspiration and evapotranspiration soil/vegetation partitioning for Mediterranean cropland : Impact of adaptations of crop managements in the context of climate change.

My research objective is to analyse the long-term evolution (1950-2100) of evapotranspiration (ET), ET soil/vegetation partitioning and water stress spells for Mediterranean cropland in response to climate change and crop management adaptations. The project is carrying out in collaboration with the Department of Geography and Environmental Science at the University of Reading, UK and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Wallingford, UK. The methodology consists in combining regional climate simulations, simple adaptation scenarios, multi-land surface models, observations and uncertainty analyses. By building on uncertainty analysis and model intercomparison, this project let land surface model represent key drivers (mainly crop phenology, crop water stress and crop management) of ET dynamics and ET partitioning. This work will significantly improve the understanding of how interactions between changes in evaporative demand, changes in soil moisture, modifications of crop phenology, and adaptations of agricultural practices could alter ET dynamics, ET partitioning and the evolution of crop water stress.

Biography & research interests

I am a permanent scientist at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) with skills in land surface modelling, vegetation monitoring from earth observations, uncertainty analysis and scaling methods. I received my PhD from Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Agronomie, Rennes in 2004. It was focused on the impact of spatial heterogeneity on non-linear estimation of biophysical variables from earth observations. I did a postdoc at NASA'GSFC and University of Maryland (2005-2008) where I worked on the validation of global leaf area index products. I am currently AgreenSkills fellow in Anne Verhoef lab at University of Reading, on land surface modelling, soil-vegetation-atmosphere transfer in a context of climate change. My new mobility gives me the unique opportunity to develop new skills, to build long-term collaborations with world-leading institutions.

Selected publications

Garrigues S., Boone, A., Decharme, B., Olioso, A., Albergel, C., Calvet, J-C., Moulin, S., Buis, S., Martin, E., 2018. Impacts of the soil water transfer parametrization on the simulation of evapotranspiration over a 14- yr Mediterranean crop succession. Journal of hydrometeorology, 19,3-25. Doi: JHM-D-17-0058.1.

Mira M., Oliosoa A., Gallego-Elvirad B., Courault D., Garrigues S., Marloiee O., Hagollef O., Guillevicg P., Bouletf G., 2016. Uncertainty assessment of surface net radiation derived from Landsat images. Remote Sensing of Environment, 175, 251-270.

Garrigues, S., Olioso, A., Decharme, B., Carrer, D., Martin, E., Calvet, J-C., 2015. Impact of climate, vegetation, soil and crop management variables on multi-year ISBA-A-gs simulations of evapotranspiration over a Mediterranean crop site. Geoscientic model development, 8, 20532100.

Garrigues, S., Olioso, A., Calvet, J-C., Martin, E., Lafont, S., Moulin, S., Chanzy, A., Marloie, O., Desfonds, V., Bertrand, N., Renard., D., 2015a. Evaluation of land surface model simulations of evapotranspiration over a 12-year crop succession: impact of the soil hydraulic properties, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 11, 11687-11733.

Aubert, M., Baghdadi, N.,Zribi, M.,Douaoui, A., Loumagne, C.,Baup,F., El Hajj, M., Garrigues, S., 2011. Analysis of TerraSAR-X data sensitivity to bare soil moisture, roughness, composition and soil crust. Remote Sensing of Environment,115, 1801-1810.


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Evapotranspiration, evapotranspiration partitioning, Mediterranean cropland, land surface modelling, adaptations of crop managements, crop phenology, uncertainty analysis., climate change