Nayak Aditya

Nayak Aditya

session, year:
2017 2nd


Receiving laboratory:
UR BIA Biopolymers - Interactions and Assemblies, Nantes

Country of origin:

United Kingdom

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Mobility project

Bioactive Compounds Stabilized Pickering Emulsions- Structure and Oxidative Stability Study

Antioxidant bioactive compounds (e.g. polyphenols such as curcumin, quercetin) can potentially be used to retard lipid oxidation, which is one of the major quality deteriorating processes in food products. However, potential of these polyphenols to act as pickering particles to inhibit lipid oxidation within the food microstructure haven’t been exploited completely. My independent research has showed that, by altering the physicochemical properties of the polyphenols such as size, shape and polymorphism, they could be used as pickering particles to stabilize biphasic dispersions by adsorbing at the liquid/liquid interface (pickering stabilization) to give physical stability to the emulsions. My AgreenSkills proposal that is built on my recent work aims to provide fundamental insight into the potential of using these polyphenol-nanostructures as Pickering particles to address the research challenges of “Lipid Oxidation” in colloidal systems like emulsions. This project will be successfully executed by combining my expertise in drug delivery, nanotechnology and food engineering with the interfacial engineering, physical chemistry, lipid oxidation and digestion expertise of the host in INRA (France).

Biography & research interests

I obtained my PhD in Biochemistry from Kuvempu University, India in 2011. Currently I am working as an AgreenSkills+ Fellow in INRA, Nantes. My research is characterized by the creative integration of concepts and methods from multiple disciplines such as pharmaceutical science, food chemistry, nanotechnology, particle engineering and biology and it emphasizes the nanoscale design, fabrication and characterization of organic nanoparticles for application in the food and pharmaceutical sectors (drug and nutraceutical delivery, food microstructure engineering etc.). I have progressed towards independence by securing independent funding for my own multidisciplinary research from both government and private funding agencies. While working as a postdoc in the South Korea, I was able to secure funding from the Korean National Research Foundation as Principal investigator. I was also able to secure a highly competitive Marie Curie Individual Fellowship funded by the European Research Council in 2015. In 2016, UoB awarded me with the Universitas 21 Staff Fellowship and Career Development Fund. Owing to the novel and innovative aspect of my research, I was able to publish 18 research articles in high-ranking journals in their respective fields. And one book chapter. In addition, I am the main inventor of the patent “Novel nanonization”.

Selected publications

Aditya N.P, Yadira Gonzalez Espinosa, Ian T Norton, 2017. Encapsulation systems for the delivery of hydrophilic nutraceuticals: food application. Biotechnology Advances; 35 (4): 450-457.

Aditya N.P, Ian E. Hamilton, Ian T. Norton, 2017. Amorphous nano-curcumin stabilized oil in water emulsion: Physico chemical characterization. Food Chemistry. 224: 191-200.

Aditya N.P, Tom Mills, Ian T Norton, 2016. Nanotechnology for curcumin: Past, present and future. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 22(27): 4247-56.

Aditya N.P, Sheetal Aditya, Hanjoo Yang, Hye Won Kim, Sung Ook Park, Sanghoon Ko, 2015. Co-delivery of a hydrophobic curcumin and a hydrophilic catechin by water-in-oil-inwater double emulsion. Food Chemistry, 173: 7-13.

Aditya N.P, Hanjoo Yang, Saehoon Kim, Sanghoon Ko, 2015. Fabrication of amorphous curcumin nanosuspensions using β-lactoglobulin to enhance solubility, stability, and bioavailability. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 127: 114-121.

Talks in annual meetings

Bioactive Compounds Stabilized Pickering Emulsions- Structure and Oxidative Stability Study
2018 / P4 Nutrition,P5 Products and Technology / by Nayak Aditya / Fellows Speed Presentation


Emulsion, lipid oxidation, antioxidants, polyphenols, Pickering particles