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Moaine El baidouri

Moaine El baidouri

session, year:
2014 1st

Former fellow

Receiving laboratory:
GDEC Genetics, Diversity and Ecophysiology of Cereals, Clermont-Ferrand-Theix

Country of origin:

United States of America

Country of destination:


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Mobility project

Translational Biology of the Grain Development in Gasses

According to the recently published evolutionary scenario, the grass genomes have been duplicated at least once in the course of their paleohistory. Modern diploid grasses are neo and/or paleopolyploid. The ongoing genome diploidization process, in reducing duplicated gene redundancy, occurs at the gene level through both structural and expression/functional modifications, leading to the so-called sub-genome dominance. The current TransGRAIN proposal aims at investigating the expressional and epigenetic basis of this sub-genome dominance phenomenon during the grain development in rice/maize/sorghum/wheat and Brachypodium. Despite fundamental insight gained from the TransGRAIN project into sub-genome

Biography & research interests

Moaine El Baidouri received his B.S degree (Biological science) from University of Picardie Jules Verne in Amiens (France), his M.S (Biology and Evolution) and his PhD (Genome Evolution) from University of Perpignan Via Domitia in Perpignan (France) followed by a post-doctoral position in Scott jackson lab at the University of Georgia (USA). His primary research interest is the understanding of genetic and epigenetic forces that drive genome dynamics and evolution in plants. From December 2014 to November 2016 Moaine El Baidouri was an AgreenSkills post-doctoral researcher in Jerome Salse lab in Clermont Ferrand (France).

Selected publications

El Baidouri, M*+, Kim KD+*, Abernathy B, Li YH, Qiu LJ, Jackson SA*, 2018. Genic C-methylation in soybean is associated with gene paralogs relocated to transposable element-rich pericentromeres. Mol Plant. (3):485-495. Doi: 10.1016/j.molp.2018.02.006. +: co-premier auteur, *: co-corresponding

The International Oryza Map Alignment Consortium including El Baidouri M, 2018. Genomes of 13 domesticated and wild rice relatives unveil genetic conservation, turnover and innovation across the genus Oryza. Nature Genetics. 50, 285-296. Doi:10.1038/ s41588-018-0040-0.

El Baidouri, M., Murat, F., Veyssiere, M., Molinier, M., Flores, R., Burlot, L., Alaux, M., Quesneville, H., Pont, C. and Salse, J., 2016. Reconciling the evolutionary origin of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum). New Phytol. 213(3):1477-1486. Doi:10.1111/nph.14113.

El Baidouri, M.,Do Kim, K., Abernathy, B., Arikit, S., Maumus, F., Panaud, O., Blake C. Meyers & Jackson, S., 2015. A new approach for annotation of transposable elements using small RNA mapping. Nucleic Acids Research, 43, 13. Doi: 10.1093/nar/gkv257.

El Baidouri, M.,Carpentier M., Cooke R., Gao D., Lassere E., Llauro C., Mirouze M., Picault N., Jackson S., Panaud O. 2014. Widespread And Frequent Horizontal Transfers of Transposable Elements In Plants. Genome Research, 24: 831-838. Doi:10.1101/gr.164400.113.


Talks in annual meetings

2015 / P2 Tissue and Individual / by Moaine El baidouri / Fellows Speed Presentation


Grain, Translational Biology, Grasses, Regulome, Transcriptome, Methylome, Duplication.