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Grégory Bouchaud

Grégory Bouchaud

session, year:
2013 2nd

Former fellow

Receiving laboratory:
BIA Biopolymers - Interactions and Assemblies Research Unit Angers-Nantes

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Mobility project

Impact of Gluten properties on the Immune system and the development of Food Allergies

Allergies are increasing continuously over the last 20 years and become a major public health problem. The food industry could introduce new artificial or transformed food proteins into human diet. Gliadin is one of the main components of the gluten fraction of the wheat. Gliadin is involved in induction of intolerance to gluten and food allergies and can be impacted by industrial food processes. The aims of this project are i) To elucidate the effects of food processing on wheat gliadins and ii) To understand the mechanism of gliadin-induced allergic reactions.

Biography & research interests

I am a researcher at the Biopolymers-Assemblies-Interactions Unit (BIA) of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA). I obtained my PhD in immunology at the University of Nantes, where I developed a strong background in immunology and cell biology. During my PhD, I elucidated the mechanisms regulating the interaction between IL-15 and its soluble receptor, IL-15R, thus explaining also the strong affinity between the two partners (Bouchaud G, et al., 2008 J. Mol. Biol). Moreover, I unraveled the involvement of IL-15 in cancer (Bouchaud G, et al., 2008 Cancer Res.) and in inflammatory bowel diseases (Bouchaud G, et al., 2010 Gastroenterology). After my Ph.D, I successfully applied for a fellowship from the foundation pour le recherche medicale (FRM), which allowed me to perform three years of postdoctoral research in the laboratory of Professor Onur Boyman at the University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland. In the laboratory of Prof. Boyman, my research was focused on the effect of improved formulations of IL-2 and IL-15 cytokines on different types of cancer such as melanoma and colorectal cancer and on autoimmune diseases such as lupus, psoriasis and colitis. Then I successfully applied for an AgreenSkills fellowship and a Marie Curie IEF working on wheat properties impact on food allergies. I obtained in 2016 a permanent position at INRA in immunology of food allergies.


Selected publications

Spohn, G, Arenas-Ramirez, N, Bouchaud, G, Boyman, O, 2017. Endogenous polyclonal anti-IL-1 antibody responses potentiate IL-1, activity during pathogenic inflammation. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 139 (6): 19571965.e5.

Claude, M, Bouchaud, G, Lupi, R, Castan, L, Tranquet, O, Denery-Papini, S, Bodinier, M, Brossard, C, 2017. How Proteins Aggregate Can Reduce Allergenicity: Comparison of, Ovalbumins Heated under Opposite Electrostatic Conditions. J. Agri. Food Chem., 65(18), 3693-3701. Doi: 10.1021/acs.jafc.7b00676.

Claude, M, Lupi, R, Bouchaud, G, Bodinier, M, Brossard, C, Denery-Papini, S, AF Claude, M., Lupi, R., Bouchaud, G., Bodinier, M., Brossard, C., Denery-Papini, S., 2016. The thermal aggregation of ovalbumin as large particles decreases its, allergenicity for egg allergic patients and in a murine model. Food Chemistry, 203, 136-144.

Bouchaud, G, Castan, L, Chesne, J, Braza, F, Aubert, P, Neunlist, M, Magnan, A, Bodinier, M, AF, 2016. Maternal exposure to GOS/inulin mixture prevents food allergies and, promotes tolerance in offspring in mice. Allergy, 71(1):68-76.

Bouchaud, G, Gourbeyre, P, et al., 2015. Consecutive Food and Respiratory Allergies Amplify Systemic and Gut but, Not Lung Outcomes in Mice. J. Agri. Food Chem., 63(28):64756483.

Awards & patents

The soluble alpha chain of IL-15 receptor as a biomarker of survival of patients suffering from type of cancers known to express IL-15R alpha. (Inserm Tranfert). EP 08 300 131.3 3. A method for predicting the responsiveness to an anti-TNF alpha antibody treatment. (Inserm transfert, CHU de Nantes) PCT/FR2009/050391.


Gliadins, T-cells, Immunity, food, allergies, intestine, enterocyte, cytokine, receptor., wheat