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Davide Martinetti

Davide Martinetti

session, year:
2014 2nd

Former fellow

Receiving laboratory:
Ecodevelopment Research Unit, Avignon

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Mobility project


The project “Advanced preference modeling techniques applied to spatial choice and spatial regression models for assessing the emission and diffusion of bacteria in the atmosphere and the potential effects on climate and ecosystem” has the objective to understand how land use (particularly agricultural LU) can influence the presence and dissemination of bacteria and other pathogens in the ecosystem. We intend to use and develop powerful statistical models (in particular spatial discrete choice models) to assess the change in land use in the Provence region and further apply the obtained results to simulate possible patterns of concentration and diffusion of bacteria in the atmosphere.

Biography & research interests

Davide Martinetti has a master in Soft Computing and Intelligent Data Analysis from the European Center of Soft Computing, Mieres, Spain. In July 2014 he defended his PhD thesis “Fuzzy and probabilistic approaches to modelling individual choice or preference: rationality conditions and their relationships” at the University of Oviedo where he has been member of the UNIMODE research group. Currently, he holds a permanent position (CR2) at the BIOSP research Unit at INRA-PACA, Avignon, working on epidemiological modeling for plant deseases. In the last years, he had two post-doc positions at the Ecodeveloppement Research Unit, INRA Avignon, for a two-years project (EPIDEC) with Prof. Geniaux and Prof. Morris, and a oneyear project (VITAL-FACCE-SURPLUS) with Prof. Geniaux and PhD. Debolini. He is also participating to other research projects and networks, with interest in mathematical and statistical modeling of natural phenomena, such as climate change or pathogen dispersal or human-related subject like urban sprawl and housing-price prediction.

Selected publications

D. Martinetti, Montes, S., Díaz, S. et al., 2017. Fuzzy. On a Correspondence between Probabilistic and Fuzzy Choice Functions, Optim Decis Making. Doi: 10.1007/ s10700-017-9272-1.

G. Geniaux, D. Martinetti, 2017. A new method for dealing simultaneously with spatial autocorrelation and spatial heterogeneity in regression models, Regional Science and Urban Economics. Doi: 10.1016/j. regsciurbeco.2017.04.001.

D. Martinetti, G. Geniaux, 2017. Approximate likelihood estimation of spatial probit models, Regional Science and Urban Economics 64, 30-45.

D. Martinetti, S. Montes, S. Díaz, B. De Baets, 2017. On the correspondence between reciprocal relations and strongly complete fuzzy relations, Fuzzy Sets and Systems 322, 19-34.

D. Martinetti, S. Montes, S. Díaz, B. De Baets, 2014. On Arrow-Sen style equivalences between rationality conditions for fuzzy choice functions, Fuzzy Optimization and Decision Making 13, 369-396.

Awards & patents

Award for the best oral presentation "Cuts of IF-sets respecting fuzzy connectives", Awarded by the Group of Italian Researcher in Pattern Recognition during the 9th Workshop WILF 2011, Trani, Italy, 31 Ago.

Talks in annual meetings


Spatial discrete choice models, choice and preference modelling, probabilistic modelling, land use choice, agriculture, aerobiology, aerial dissemination, epidemiology, climate change.