Claire Aubron

Claire Aubron

session, year:
2013 1st

Former fellow

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CGIAR-ILRI International Livestock Research Institute, New Delhi

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Mobility project

Indian dairy systems trajectories facing global challenges: towards an integrated and situated understanding of the interactions between dairy farming and development

The challenges faced by the Indian dairy giant – increasing milk demand of a growing population, livelihood security of the 70 million dairy farmers and preservation of the environment in a context of global warming – is a particularly striking case study for research on interactions between livestock farming and global challenges. Based on the study of the last decade trajectories of contrasted areas of India with an agrarian system approach including an important field work, my research aims at highlighting the trade-offs between production increase, social inclusion and environmental impacts in Indian dairy farming.

Biography & research interests

I made my PhD in Comparative Agriculture on the development of dairy farming in the Andes, combining an ethnographic field work in a Peruvian rural community and a dairy market functioning analysis at national level. Since 2007, I am associate professor at Montpellier SupAgro, working on livestock farming systems, agrarian systems and animal products value chains. The training modules I developed on these issues include courses, tutorial classes and the supervision of field work sessions and several master theses per year. My research, carried out in the unit Mediterranean and Tropical Livestock Farming Systems (SELMET), mainly dealt from 2007 to 2013 with livestock farming systems, pastoralism and quality schemes in animal products in French Mediterranean areas. I have a strong interest in the role played by livestock farming in the development process involving family farms and that is the reason why I have embarked on this 18-month mobility project in India funded by AgreenSkills. Hosted by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in New Delhi, I initiated a research based on several field studies on the trade-offs between increasing milk production, social inclusion and environmental impact in Indian dairy farming. Since 2015, I am leading the IndiaMilk research project which aims at going further on these issues, combining disciplines and scales of analysis. I am also in charge of a master level curriculum on livestock farming systems at Montpellier SupAgro.

Selected publications

Aubron C., Noël L. and Lasseur J., 2016. Labor as a driver of changes in herd feeding patterns: Evidence from a diachronic approach in Mediterranean France and lessons for agroecology. Ecological Economics, 127, 68-79.

Dorin B. and Aubron C., 2016. Croissance et revenu du travail agricole en Inde Une économie politique de la divergence (1950-2014). Economie Rurale 352, 41-65.

Aubron C., Lehoux H., Lucas C., 2015. Poverty and inequality in rural India: Reflections based on two agrarian system analyses in the state of Gujarat. EchoGéo, 32. Doi: 10.4000/echogeo.14300.

Aubron C., Boutonnet J.-P. and Moulin C.-H., 2015. La dynamique ovine dans les Alpes de Haute-Provence : entre rémunération des qualités de viande et des services environnementaux, l’équilibre incertain. Histoire et Sociétés Rurales, 2 (44), 57-80.

Aubron C., Peglion M., Nozières M.-O. and Boutonnet J.-P., 2014. Quality schemes and pastoralism in France: synergies and paradoxes. Journal of Alpine Research, 102-2. Doi: 10.4000/rga.2442.

Talks in annual meetings

Indian dairy systems trajectories facing global challenges
2015 / P7 Economics, Social Sciences / by Claire Aubron / Fellows Speed Presentation


Dairy farming, livestock farming systems, agrarian systems, value chain, trajectory, agricultural development, India, combination of scales of analysis, systemic approach, comparison