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Chloé Fourquin

Chloé Fourquin

session, year:
2013 2nd

Former fellow

Receiving laboratory:
RDP Plant Reproduction and Development, Lyon

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Mobility project

Cell separation as a mechanism underlying tissue ablation in developing seeds

The endosperm is a nourishing tissue present in the developing seed of flowering plants and originating from a product of double fertilization. Unlike in cereals where endosperm represents the major volume of the mature seeds, in Arabidopsis, endosperm is progressively consumed as the embryo develops. This proposal aims to characterize the mechanisms controlling endosperm breakdown through a multidisciplinary approach combining genetic, biochemical, cytological, and biophysical analyses. This project will provide a better understanding of the endosperm breakdown mechanisms in early seed development and could contribute to the long term deployment of novel tools for engineering seed characteristics in crop species.

Biography & research interests

I am particularly interested in the mechanisms of regulation of plant developmental processes and their evolution. For that reason I chose for my PhD an “evo-devo” thematic focused on carpel development and the origin of the flower (RDP, ENS-Lyon, France). As I am also interested on the applied aspects of research and the potential applications of my work, after my PhD I carried out a short post-doc on a biotechnological research project in partnership with an industry (University of Queensland, Australia). During my second post-doc I combined the different aspects of my previous experiences: flower morphogenesis, “evo-devo” and biotechnology (IBMCP, Spain). I studied fruit morphological diversity and evolution of the carpel and fruit genetic regulation pathways. An important part of my work was performed in Legumes and presented major agronomic applications. Taken together, this research experience has provided me with an extensive training in plant development, functional genetics, molecular regulatory pathways and comparative studies, as well as a very good scientific track (see publications and patents below). I have worked with many plant species (model and non-model) and developed thorough skills in molecular biology, genetics, phenotypic analyses, histology, microscopy, sequences analyses and phylogeny. The AgreenSkills program represents a perfect opportunity to further strengthen my skills and knowledge and put my assets into a very exciting research project in an excellent European research centre.

Selected publications

Moussu S, Doll NM, Chamot S, Brocard L, Creff A, Fourquin C, Widiez T, Nimchuk ZL, Ingram G., 2017. ZHOUPI and KERBEROS Mediate Embryo/Endosperm Separation by Promoting the Formation of an Extracuticular Sheath at the Embryo Surface. Plant Cell. 29(7):1642-1656.

Fourquin C, Beauzamy L, Chamot S, Creff A, Goodrich J, Boudaoud A, Ingram G., 2016. Mechanical stress mediated by both endosperm softening and embryo growth underlies endosperm elimination in Arabidopsis seeds. Development.143(18):3300-3305.

Beauzamy L, Fourquin C, Dubrulle N, Boursiac Y, Boudaoud A, Ingram G., 2016. Endosperm turgor pressure decreases during early Arabidopsis seed development. Development. 143(18):3295-3299.

Fourquin C., del Cerro C., Victoria F.C., Vialette-Giraud A., de Oliveira A.C. and Ferrandiz C., 2013. A change in SHATTERPROOF protein lies at the origin of a fruit morphological novelty and a new strategy for seed dispersal in Medicago genus. Plant Physiol. 162, 907917.

Fourquin C. and Ferrandiz C., 2012. Functional analyses of AGAMOUS family members in Nicotiana benthamiana clarify the evolution of early and late roles of C-function genes in eudicots. Plant Journal 71(6), 990-1001.

Awards & patents


Hybrid Plant Cell. Patent number: WO/2010/042974A1. Publication date: 22/04/2010. Easton, A., Fourquin, C., Kawanishi, E. , Nowak, E., Schenk, P. (2009) Pacific Seeds Pty Ltd, Australie.

Method of Increasing Flower and Fruit Production in a Monocarpic Plant. Balanza V., Berbel A., Ferrándiz C., Fourquin C., Madue?o F., MartínezFernández I. and Serrano Mislata A. In process.


Dic 2007-June 2009: Ayuda para estancias de jovenes doctores extranjeros en universidades publicas y centros de investigacion espanoles. (Competitive call from the Spanish ministry of Education and Science).

2006: PhD prize from the French Society of Botany.

Oct 2002-Sept 2005: PhD MERT fellowship from the French ministry of research and technology.

Oct 2002-Sept 2005: Additional teaching fellowship to give class to undergraduate students during my PhD (Monitorat. ENS Lyon).

Sept 2001-June 2002: Master fellowship from the city of Lyon, France.


Seed Development, Endosperm, Embryo, Testa, Cell Wall, Signalling, Cell Death