Chahinaz Aouf

Chahinaz Aouf

session, year:
2013 2nd

Former fellow

Receiving laboratory:
Food & Biobased Research Institute, Wageningen University

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Mobility project

Formulation and Functionality testing of novel bio-based materials and products.

There is an increasing number of bio-based products and materials in the market today that could offer valuable alternatives for existing petrochemical products. However, it was established that the European market of bio-based products suffers from a lack of standardization concerning testing methods of these new materials. As a consequence, quality control data provided by the producers of the bio-based products are usually limited to only a few properties of these new materials. Therefore, the mobility project focusses on testing functionality of selected new bio-based products by (a) adapting appropriate existing standard test methods and (b) by developing additional testing methods that take into account the bio-based products specificities. Ultimately, this should validate their ability to substitute conventional materials in the European market.

Biography & research interests

I defended my PhD in 2007 under the supervision of Prof. M. Santelli from the University of Marseille (France), for my work on the reductive silylation of dienes to produce optically active building blocks. Then, I joined J. Muzart’s group as a postdoctoral fellow at Reims-Champagne Ardennes University (France), to develop the oxidative depolymerisation of starch and cellulose. In 2009, I moved to Montpellier (France) at INRA institute as a permanent researcher. My research topic was dealing with the functionalization of natural polyphenols (mainly tannins and phenolic acids) to produce bio-based polymer such as polycarbonates, polyesters and epoxy resins. This research project attempted to address current concerns about the depletion of fossil resources associated to the dangers of some petrochemical derivatives such as Bisphenol A and terephtalte derivatives. A year after my return from Wageningen university, I obtained the “habilitation à diriger des recherches” from the university of Montpellier. This is a French diploma giving an accreditation to supervise PhD students. Currently, I am taking steps to join another INRA research unit. In this new environment, I intend to develop a research project dealing with the utilization of natural polyphenols as additives in the formulation of biobased and biodegradable packaging. The role of these phenolic compounds as biosourced plasticizers, stabilizers and antioxidants will be investigated in depth.

Selected publications

L. Rouméas, G. Billerach, C. Aouf, E. Dubreucq, H. Fulcrand, 2017. Furylated flavonoids: Fully biobased building blocks produced by condensed tannins depolymerization. ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering. Doi: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.7b03409.

P. Trivelato, C. Mayer, A. Barakat, H. Fulcrand, C. Aouf, 2016. Douglas fir bark dry fractionation for polyphenols isolation: from forestry waste to added value products. Industrial Crops and Products, 86, 12-15.

E. Zago, J. Lecomte, E. Dubreucq, P. Villeneuve, H. Fulcrand, F. Fine and C. Aouf, 2016. Synthesis of bio-based epoxy monomers from natural allyl- and vinyl phenols and the estimation of their affinity to the estrogen receptor α by molecular docking. New Journal of Chemistry, 40 (9), 7701-7710.

E. Zago, E. Durand, N. Barouh, J. Lecomte, P. Villeneuve, C. Aouf, 2015. Synthesis of lipophilic antioxidants by a lipase B catalysed addition of peracids to the double bond in 4-vinyl-2-methoxyphenol. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 63, 9069-9075.

E. Zago, J. Lecomte, N. Barouh, C. Aouf, P. Carré, F. Fine, P. Villeneuve, 2015. Influence of rapeseed meal treatments on its total phenolic content and composition in sinapine, sinapic acid and canolol. Industrial Crops and Products, 76, 1061-1070.

Awards & patents

ADEME prize for the elaboration of biobased epoxy resins.

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Bio-based products, functionality, standard test methods, harmonisation, thermo-mechanical and chemical properties, European market.