Anna Smetanova

Anna Smetanova

session, year:
2013 2nd

Former fellow

Receiving laboratory:
LISAH Interactions between Soils, Agrosystems and Hydrosystems, Montpellier

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Mobility project

Future Agriculture Innovative AdaptIve & Resilient – Erosion Rates Mediterranean nEtwork stuDy

The project ''Comparative analyses of factors determining soil erosion rates based on the network of Mediterranean monitored catchments for the innovative, adaptive and resilient agriculture of the future'' studies the interactions between soil erosion rates and land use management in a network of Mediterranean catchments under present-day and the future climate conditions. It examines possible soil erosion mitigation by management practices selected with regard to the prospects of ongoing environmental changes. The project represents a crucial step to develop modelling tools that ensure the adaptability and resilience of agriculture practices and secure functional agriculture in Mediterranean region in the future.

Biography & research interests

I am young researcher studying soil erosion, human- environment interactions in agricultural areas and the adaptation of agriculture on climate and environmental change. During my AgreenSkills fellowship (01.05.201430.04.2016)I had proved the necessity for seasonal approaches in management decisions regarding soil erosion due to extreme rainfalls in the Mediterranean region. Currently, I work t in the Research Group of Ecohydrology and Landscape Evaluation, at Technical University in Berlin, Germany, and am active in international projects such as 1306 COST Connecteur. In my recent project, ES1306011215-06362): ‘Stakeholder analysis of perceived relevance of connectivity issues across the EU’, I had cooperated with scientist 20 European countries. I am the editor of Special Issue “Mapping and modelling soil erosion to address societal challenges in a changing world” in Land Degradation and Devlopment (IF 8.15), and since April 2016 I am the chair of the EGU Soil System Science subdivision Soil, Environment and Ecosystem Interactions, where I have been succesfully organising scientific sessions and lectures.

Selected publications

Smetanova, A., Verstraeten, G., Notebaert, B., Dotterweich, M., Letal, A., 2017. Landform transformation and long-term sediment budget for a Chernozem-dominated lowland agricultural catchment. CATENA, 157, 24-34.

Pavelka, J., Smetanova, A., Rejman, J., Kovacik, P., 2017. An interdisciplinary tillage erosion experiment: establishing a new field in grasslands with reconstructed ard plough of the bronze age iron age. Cuadernos de Investigacion Geografica, 43(1), 101-118.

Smetanová A., Le Bissonnais, Y., Raclot, D., et al., submitted. Patterns of temporal variability and time compression of sediment yield in small Mediterranean catchments.

Smetanová A., Dotterweich, M., Diehl, D., Ulrich, U., Fohrer, N. 2013. Influence of biochar and terra preta substrates on wettability and erodibility of soils. Zeitschrift für geomorphologie, 57, Suppl 1, 111-13.

Awards & patents

05/29/2007 Prize of the Rector the Comenius University in Bratislava for outstanding master thesis.


Global Change, Soil Erosion Rates, Agricultural adaptation, Mediterranean environment, Monitored Catchments, Land Use