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Alexis Peaucelle

Alexis Peaucelle

session, year:
2012 1st

Former fellow

Receiving laboratory:
The Sainsbury Laboratory (SLCU), University of Cambridge

Country of origin:


Country of destination:

United Kingdom

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Mobility project

Mechanical changes predicting leaf shape studied through 3D Atomic Force mechanical imaging

I take the opportunity of my stay in Cambridge to address the complexity of leaf growth, which is a complex 4D question. Our previous results demonstrate that the understanding of this system will require a total 3D mechanical imaging of the leaf from the tissue to the subcellular level. We have demonstrated that this could be achieved using Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) mechanical imaging and different shapes and intensities of indentation. There are three main features of leaf shape that we will address a) mechanical control of the leaf blade growth b) mechanics of leaf lobe formation c) how integrated is the vein cell growth into the whole tissue growth. These questions are all complex and have always been asked separately. The biomechanic approach we will use will address the three questions simultaneously. Using the huge available genetic tools (mutant, gene overexpressor) we plan to pinpoint the characteristics of each events and their mechanic relations.

Biography & research interests

My research is aimed at understanding the mechanism of plant morphogenesis and its regulation using a multidisciplinary approach. Most of my work was focused on the genetic and mechanic control of organ formation and the chemical changes in the cell wall associated. My PhD, completed at INRA Versailles under the supervision of Patrick Laufs was focused on transcription factor and microRNA regulation of meristem function in plants. As a postdoctoral fellow, I worked both in the department of physics at Paris VII, in the laboratory of Yves Couder, designing an AFM derived mechanical imaging, and in Hermann Höfte lab in Versailles to study a new cell wall chemical regulation of organ formation. Finally, as a researcher at INRA, in the laboratory of Hermann Höfte, I continue this approach working as a detached scientist in the MSC physics laboratory. My stay in Cambridge was the occasion to billed strong bounds with the SLCU teems. I regularly come for a short time to continue the collaboration. We are now working on determining the carbohydrate code of growth. We are following the biochemical changes in the cell wall associated with different stage of organ formation. For this I have develop new technique of immunohistochimy for primary cell wall withe confocal and super resolution imagine.


Selected publications

Feng, W., Kita, D., Peaucelle, A., Cartwright, HN., Doan, V., Duan, QH., Liu, MC., Maman, J., Steinhorst, L., SchmitzThom, I., Yvon, R., Kudla, J., Wu, HM., Cheung, AY., Dinneny, JR, 2018. The FERONIA Receptor Kinase Maintains Cell-Wall Integrity during Salt Stress through Ca2+ Signaling. Current Biology, 28 (5), 666. Doi: 10.1016/j.cub.2018.01.023.

Bastien, R., Legland, D., Martin, M., Fregosi, L., Peaucelle, A., Douady, S., Moulia, B., Hofte, H, 2016. KymoRod: a method for automated kinematic analysis of rod-shaped plant organs. Plant Journal, 88 (3), 468-475.

Fleury, V., Murukutla, AV., Chevalier, NR., Gallois, B., Capellazzi-Resta, M., Picquet, P., Peaucelle, A., 2016. Physics of amniote formation. Physical Review E, 94 (2), 22426. Doi: 10.1103/PhysRevE.94.022426.

Yang, WB., Schuster, C., Beahan, CT., Charoensawan, V., Peaucelle, A., Bacic, A., Doblin, MS., Wightman, R., Meyerowitz, EM, 2016. Regulation of Meristem Morphogenesis by Cell Wall Synthases in Arabidopsis. Current Biology, 26 (11), 1404-1415. Doi: 10.1016/j. cub.2016.04.026.

Peaucelle, A., Wightman, R., Hofte, H, 2015. The Control of Growth Symmetry Breaking in the Arabidopsis Hypocotyl. Current Biology, 25 (13), 1746-1752. Doi: 10.1016/j. cub.2015.05.022.

Talks in annual meetings

Mechanical control of leaf shape
2013 / P6 Applied Maths / by Alexis Peaucelle / Fellows Speed Presentation


Atomic force microscopy, Cell rheology, leaf development, Mechanic Modelling