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Fellows & Labs

This area is dedicated to the fellows and hosting institutions within the AgreenSkills community.

Browse through the sections below to view our Fellow & Alumni webpages, the list of AgreenSkills' awarded hosting institutions, and read answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive from fellows and hosting labs:

Awarded Fellows : view the list of fellows and mobility projects that have been awarded an AgreenSkills fellowship in previous selection rounds.

Fellows and Alumni: discover the AgreenSkills and AgreenSkills+ community through the 212 fellows' webpages, past and present.

Awarded Campus Charter : read and download the Awarded Campus Charter and Awarded Campus logo, presented to laboratories and campuses providing excellent hosting environments.

Awarded Campuses : view the list of campuses and receiving laboratories that have been recognized for providing excellent hosting environments to AgreenSkills Fellows.

FAQ Fellows : a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions by AgreenSkills fellows, especially concerning the recruitment stage and start of the mobility project.

FAQ Receiving Labs : a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions by AgreenSkills' receiving laboratories, especially concerning a laboratory's recruitment and welcome of an AgreenSkills fellow.

Campus Information : useful information on services and facilities provided by Agreenium-IAVFF affiliated campuses to their researchers.