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Submission schedule

AgreenSkills and AgreenSkills+ have a continuous submission process with two selection rounds per year 

  • Applications for an eligibility check and matching process are analysed all year long.
  • Two selection rounds are scheduled each year with strict deadlines for application.

Applicants please note: the AgreenSkills Programme Manager needs at least three weeks to evaluate your eligibility. Therefore, if you submit your eligibility application later than two weeks before the deadline of the selection round, you may not receive the result of the eligibility evaluation in time to submit your complete application before the deadline.

ATTENTION ! Since AgreenSkills+ programme ends in Mays 2019, there will be no more calls for applications under this programme.


Previous key dates and deadlines for AgSk & AgSk+ calls for applications


Please note that applications had to be received before 24:00 CET (Central European Time) on the dates below. 

 Selection rounds


Submission deadline of  applications

Announcement of selection results

Expected date of fellows recruitment

Open to AgreenSkills & AgreenSkills+ Applications

1st Round 2016

29 April

18 July 2016

July 2016


2nd Round 2016

14 October

5 January 2017

February/March 2017


1st Round 2017

28 April

10 July 2017

 August 2017


2nd Round 2017*

13 October

3 January 2018

January/February 2018


Last Round,2018 only for OUTGOING fellows*

8 February

16 April 2018

May 2018


* The maximum duration of the fellowship, within this particular call, cannot go beyond May 4, 2019.