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Submission schedule

From September 2012 to early 2018, AgreenSkills and AgreenSkills+ had a continuous submission process with two selection rounds per year 

WARNING ! Since AgreenSkills+ programme ended May 5, 2019, there will be no more calls for applications under this programme

For the record...

  • Applications for an eligibility check and matching process were analysed all year long.
  • Two selection rounds  were scheduled each year with strict deadlines for application.

Here below the calendar of AgreenSkills and AgreenSkills+ calls for applications 


Applications were to be received before 24:00 CET (Central European Time) on the dates below. 

 Selection rounds


Submission deadline of  applications

Announcement of selection results

Expected date of fellows recruitment

Open to AgreenSkills & AgreenSkills+ Applications

1st Round 2016

29 April

18 July 2016

July 2016


2nd Round 2016

14 October

5 January 2017

February/March 2017


1st Round 2017

28 April

10 July 2017

 August 2017


2nd Round 2017*

13 October

3 January 2018

January/February 2018


Last Round,2018 only for OUTGOING fellows*

8 February

16 April 2018

May 2018


As the programme ended May 5, 2019, no more calls for application will be launched under AgreenSkills+ programme