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How to apply

WARNING ! The AgreenSkills + programme is closed, there are no more calls for application


Since the AgreenSkills+ programme ended May 4, 2019, there will be no more calls under this programme.

For the record, here below the principles and 3 main steps that guided the submission of applications for AgSk and AgSk + programmes.

1.     Submit a quick online eligibility check

1.1.    Register on the AgreenSkills website and  create a personal account

You only need to choose a username and password and provide a valid e-mail address

1.2.     Complete an online form to assess your eligibility to the programme.

Click  here  to see if you fulfill the eligibility criteria for AgreenSkills or AgreenSkills+

Candidates are not required to mention whether they are applying as young or independent researchers and need only follow the same and single application procedures. You will be informed by e-mail within a few weeks of your submission about whether your request has passed this stage or not.

2.    Find a hosting lab that matches your research interests

  • Incoming eligible candidates can then start contacting labs within  Agreenium-IAVFF member organizations  that complement their research interests. Lab proposals are also available to eligible candidates on the AgreenSkills' web portal.
  • Outgoing eligible candidates can contact any laboratory outside of France that matches their research interests to discuss the AgreenSkills' mobility programme and potential postdoctoral positions.

This step can be performed before the eligibility step.

Please note that AgreenSkills+ provides a monthly mobility allowance as a complement to a basic salary. The basic salary of an incoming fellow must be provided by the hosting lab. In some cases (invited researcher), this basic salary could be his/her current salary.

3.    Prepare and submit a complete application online.

3.1.  Finalise a research project proposal in relation with the hosting lab you have targeted and an identified scientific mentor in this lab.

3.2.  Fill in all documents requested for an application

Please read carefully the  Guide for Applicants . Once you have access to the application system, you can complete it gradually, step by step following the instructions. The system saves all your data until final submission. All relevant templates and documents can be found under the Documents  section of the website.

3.3.   Submit your proposal online before the submission deadline

The AgreenSkills website and submission system ensure transparency and traceability of the proposals, while processing and securing exchanges in full respect of confidentiality and anonymity.


What will happen next?

Each submitted application is assessed by up to 3 international reviewers, and then by the AgreenSkills Scientific Committee panels. The evaluation process takes up to 10 weeks.

The AgreenSkills Steering Committee decides which research projects have to be funded, based on the Scientific Committee's recommendations and ranking.