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Evaluation and Selection

The candidates’ proposals were evaluated by an internal and external selection process according to strict selection criteria focusing on candidates’ professional skills and research potential.

The entire process was organised in several steps:

  • the eligibility check
  • a “matching process”
  • the interview and submission of the application
  • the evaluation and selection stage


Please refer to the  Guide for applicants


The eligibility check

The eligibility check was carried out on the basis of the following elements:

  • Detailed curriculum vitae addressing your academic record, collaboration and networking, research management, technology transfer and communication.
  • Abstract of your provisional research project to ensure that the topics are relevant to the  Agreenium-IAVFF fields ;
  • Your requested mobility conditions: location, stay duration and period.

Eligibility checking was carried out by the Management team, candidates were informed within 2 weeks of submission whether his/her application was successful or not at the eligibility phase.


The matching process: connecting applicants’ projects to receiving labs

The “matching process” provided assistance, if needed, to eligible applicants to prepare their application connecting proposals with the appropriate institutions and research units.

Candidates were supported in finding potential receiving units by:

  • Accessing through the AgreenSkills portal to the Research and Laboratories Data Base ( RLDB ) comprising all Agreenium-IAVFF research laboratories (relevant for incoming fellows) ;
  • Provision, if required, of a personalized list of relevant host laboratories potentially interested in your profile and research project ;
  • Consulting the currently available research opportunities on the AgreenSkills website: the Labs Proposals ;
  • Direct contact by receiving laboratories.

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The Interview and submission of the application

Once identified the potential hosting units, candidates were required to hold an interview: face-to-face, telephone or video conference.

The interview was a key element in ensuring a good match between competences, the laboratory and research project proposal and the mutual desire to work together was an important pre-requisite for the selection of the application.

It was possible to apply to several laboratories and create more than one application.

  • The final application included a detailed research project specifying objectives, approaches, resources required and explanations about the innovative nature of the project as well as its expected impacts (check out the AgreenSkills Research Project Proposal template under  Documentation ).


The Evaluation and selection stage

  • The application were evaluated and marked by at least three  experts  on the basis of candidates’ choice of panels.
  • The selection of fellows was carried out every six months (check out the  schedule ).
  • The  Scientific Committee  met to analyse the evaluation reports of each application and to establish the list of selected candidates in ranking order of merit.
  • The AgreenSkills  Steering Committee  validated the ranking and classification of the applications; it issued the final decision of recruitment.

Discussions and decision-making remained confidential.

Candidates were informed about the outcome of the selection via a letter sent by the AgreenSkills Coordinator both by electronic mail and post, 10 weeks maximum after the submission deadline.


Please refer to the  Guide for applicants  for further details