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Connecting labs and applicants

This area was dedicated to help eligible applicants to identify available hosting opportunities in order to develop their mobility and research project. This area also provided tools to help hosting units find interesting profiles of potential fellows.

Labs Proposals (access limited to eligible candidates) was the area where Agreenium-IAVFF members’ research units posted postdoctoral research proposals;

The Eligible candidates' proposals section (access limited to AgreenSkills referent persons in the Agreenium-IAVFF members’ research units) displayed information about proposals from eligible candidates.


Labs Proposals

If you were an eligible applicant, you had the possibility to connect to the secure application area of the AgreenSkills website and click 'Labs proposals' in the left-hand menu to view all current available research opportunities for incoming fellowships that have been posted by Agreenium-IAVFF member laboratories. 

This list of hosting opportunities was by no means exhaustive, and only represented postdoctoral fellowship opportunities that the hosting units had chosen to advertise publicly.

Candidates were strongly encouraged to investigate other eventual hosting possibilities in relation to their project by consulting the Agreenium   members Labs  directories.


Eligible candidates’ profiles and proposals

If you were a representative of a potential hosting unit interested in consulting the eligible applicants’ profiles and projects, you could login to the secure area of the AgreenSkills website to access information regarding Eligible candidates' profiles. In order to protect applicants’ personal data and confidentiality of information, special access permission was provided by AgreenSkills management team on request.