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The AgreenSkills Pass: a sign of excellence

 AgreenSkills programme offered scientific training and career development opportunities

Continuing professional development, career advice and mentoring services are key elements of AgreenSkills and these will be available via the AgreenSkills Pass valid for the full duration of the programme.

The AgreenSkills Pass is an individualised service to boost the career potential of each AgreenSkills fellows and includes extensive career support, training and career opportunities throughout the duration of the programme.

In particular, the AgreenSkills Pass will give access to:

  • Support in setting up a personalised Career Development Plan which includes analysis of scientific and non-scientific skills, in line with fellows’ career objectives;
  • An individual training plan for development of scientific and non-scientific skills throughout the fellowship;
  • Career and training mentoring services from the local contact points leading to a personalized roadmap;
  • Networking and services via the AgreenSkills portal for the entire duration of the programme. This includes info on training events, fora, access to fellow’s profiles and portfolios etc…


AgreenSkills Pass certificate is to be considered a sign of excellence and an invaluable plus in boosting researchers’ careers by most relevant organisations, scientific and non-scientific, private and public.