Annual Meeting 2014

2nd AgreenSkills Annual Meeting, 27-29 October 2014

Toulouse, France

All AGK fellows - Meteopole 2

The second AgreenSkills Annual meeting took place in Toulouse at the Meteopole international conference centre between the 27 and 29 October. Over the course of three days, fellows highly appreciated the opportunity given to them to present their research, network with their peers, attend scientific and research-based lectures. It was also an opportunity for all fellows to meet the AgreenSkills Management team, the Scientific Committee and Ethics Commission members and give direct feed-back about the programme through a feed-back questionnaire.

This year, the meeting was extended by a research school on modeling, "Predictive modeling: from data to models" (29-31 October).

The objectives of this research school were to i) provide an overview of the issues and methodology of predictive modeling in the context of new paradigms in the field of data and ii) introduce participants to different modeling approaches and modeling problems.

During the Introduction section, we had also the participation of Alain Craig, from the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission (REA). His presentation is avaible here :

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