Ethics and Trust in Science

Ethics sessions are key components of AgreenSkills annual meetings agenda. These sessions address very broad and various aspects of Ethical issues in research and ethical dilemmas that may be faced by scientific researchers. This year, the ethic session was jointed with the open science session by addressing topics such as integrity and misconduct in scientific publication (D Fanelli), ethics and open access (M Giordano), trust in science and expertise (N. van den Broek-Honingh & B. Bensaude-Vincent). Documents were available and are accessible here by clicking on the icons.

As usual, these talks on Ethics and Integrity in research are built on key talks and sequences of free discussions in small groups. This session was brak down on two days and was chaired by M Giordano, Chair of the Ethic Commission of AgreenSkills programmes.


You can learn more about speakers and find their presentation (PDF and video) by clicking below.

Is science facing a crisis or an opportunity
2019 / T1 Integrity,T7 Publication / by Daniele Fanelli / Training session
Public trust in science: the Dutch case
2019 / T1 Integrity,T2 Ethics / by Nelleke van den Broek-Honingh / Training session
Public trust in science and distrust of experts
2019 / T2 Ethics / by Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent / Training session
Does open science needs an ethical framework
2019 / T2 Ethics,T7 Publication / by Magda Giordano / Training session
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