AgreenSkills Annual Meetings

Five annual meetings in Leuven (2013), Toulouse (2014), Barcelona (2015), Paris (2017) and Edinburgh (2018).

AgreenSkills organizes Annual Meetings that become year after year a key scientific, networking and training event. These meetings are unique opportunities for the fellows to meet each other and to interact with members of the Scientific and Ethics committees and with AgreenSkills management team. These annual meetings are largely opened to alumni, contributing to foster the AgreenSkills community.

During these annual meetings, the fellows present their scientific backgrounds, career tracks and projects and discuss their research projects during poster sessions.

Moreover, training sessions are devoted to specific themes related to research practices, notably regarding Open Science and Data management, as well as on Ethical issues.

Five annual meetings were organized successively in Leuven (2013), Toulouse (2014), Barcelona (2015), Paris (2017) and Edinburgh (2018).

All the presentations and talks that have been given during these annual meetings are published here and can be downloaded under a Creative Commons non-commercial, non-derivative license (BY-NC-ND)
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2018 Annual Meeting Booklet