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Annual Meetings & Training

Being part of the Agreenskills fellows community means that one can access to career support and scientific mentoring during her/his fellowship (see AgreenSkills Pass) and participate to the Agreenskills Annual Meetings. 

Six annual meetings were organized successively in Leuven (2013), Toulouse (2014), Barcelona (2015), Paris (2017) and Edinburgh (2018). The last meeting was held in Brussels in April 2019.

AgreenSkills' policy has been from the beginning to publish all recorded presentations and discussions of these meetings online. You can view and download them freely while browsing this site.

Please be aware that all presentations and talks are published here under a Creative Commons non-commercial, Non-derivative License (BY-NC-ND)


Each annual meeting is also an opportunity to publish an annual AgreenSkills booklet which presents the outputs and results of the programme and displays the up-to-date profiles of the Fellows and Alumni.

The 2018 booklet gives a complete description of biography and research and mobility project pf each fellows recruited during the programme. The 2019 booklet offers an overview and statistics on both projects, AgreenSkills and AgreenSkills+, the list of fellows and receiving labs, as well as the scientific key talks and training talks given during the six annual meetings.