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Next Call for Applications: 5th May 2014


Upcoming call for applications for AgreenSkills and AgreenSkills+ fellowships

The next evaluation deadline for applications to AgreenSkills and AgreenSkills+ is Monday, the 5th of May, 2014, at 24:00 CET.

AgreenSkills and AgreenSkills+ are  excellence-oriented programmes, accepting applications for postdoctoral fellowships from experienced international young and independent researchers in the fields of life, agricultural, nutrition, and environmental sciences. Proposals are accepted, without any topic guideline, for basic or applied sciences.

AgreenSkills’ incoming fellows are offered 1-2 year positions at a French agricultural higher education institution, including INRA and Cirad; while outgoing fellows, already employed by one of these very institutions, spend their 6-24 month mobility period at a research unit outside France. Independent researchers with 7-10 years’ experience, applying to AgreenSkills+ as incoming fellows, can be offered appointments up to a maximum of 3 years.

As European Union co-funded mobility programmes, AgreenSkills and AgreenSkills+ strive to offer their fellows competitive salary (up to approx. €3500 and €5000 per month for young and independent researchers, respectively) and career development packages, within first-rate research environments. Fellowships are tailored to meet the needs of each fellow, with a particular focus on training, networking and flexibility.

Learn more about the eligibility requirements and how to apply here: http://www.agreenskills.eu/agreenskills-cms/Applications/Eligibility-requirements