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Good news: ‘Claude Guéant circular’ repealed


Good news: the restrictive ‘Claude Guéant circular’ has been repealed, a long-awaited move to facilitate visa authorization and work permit of foreign students staying in France

For months, hundreds of foreign students and graduates have been victims of a restrictive policy of visa authorization and work permit as a result of the so-called circular Guéant dated 31 May 2011. The highly criticized official document covered the employment of highly qualified foreign students providing guidelines on tightening restrictions on professional immigration. This led many non-European Union graduates being refused permission to stay and work in France.

Following the demand of students and lecturers unions and the employers call for further flexibility, the current government has taken specific measures and a new circular has just been published with the intention of facilitating foreign graduates, solving the issues of people whose cases are pending and presenting a new political orientation: the aim being to make the country open and welcoming and attracting world-class students to be considered as real “ambassadors” which contribute to the impact and influence of France abroad.

Very shortly a new section dedicated to practical information about administrative and legal issues for research fellows moving to France will be available on AgreenSkills.eu