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5th AgreenSkills Annual Meeting in Edinburgh


Around 80 fellows and alumni attended this event, at the Royal Society of Edinburgh

The 5th AgreenSkills Annual meeting has been held at The Royal Society of Edinburgh, between 11 and 14 June 2018. Around 80 fellows and alumni attended this event.  

AgreenSkills annual meetings represented a privileged opportunity for fellows and alumni to interact with each other and meet with members of the Scientific and Ethics Committees and the AgreenSkills team. During these three-day meeting, the fellows presented their scientific backgrounds, career tracks and research projects and discussed their projects during the poster sessions.
Like every year,  a one-day session was devoted to a specific theme related to research practices in relation with Open Science,with much attention paid on Ethical issues.This year in Edinburgh, the issue of "Reproducibility in research: from data to research integrity” was chosen and addressed and very much appreciated by the audience. Another session was devoted to “Grant writing” including an information on the ERC policy and a presentation of recommendations and questions to be taken into account when drafting grant proposals. These sessions included lessons and free discussions and exchanges in small groups for case studies based on Fellows' research projects and experience.