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FAQ Applicants

A selection of the most frequently asked questions received by candidates wishing to apply for an AgreenSkills' fellowship.

If my PhD thesis defense is scheduled after the next call for applications, can I still apply for a fellowship?

Yes, you can. Provided that you will defend your PhD shortly after, you can still submit an application for a fellowship at the next selection round. Should your submission be successful, the award of your fellowship will be on the condition that you successfully defend your PhD. The start date of your mobility project will also have to be after your PhD defense.

I cannot submit the online eligibility form. What should I do?

You will not be able to submit the online eligibility form, if all the requested information has not been given and all the boxes under the 'Conditions' section of the eligibility form have not been checked. In order for the 'Submit' button to appear, recheck that all required fields have been filled in, that all boxes in the checklist have been ticked, and that your CV has been uploaded properly.

I am an eligible candidate. How can I find a host laboratory?

If you have been declared eligible to apply for an AgreenSkills fellowship, there are two main ways of searching for a host laboratory with a postdoctoral position available. First, you can view the Labs Proposals that are available on the secure part of the AgreenSkills website (you will need to login using your username and password to view these) and contact labs whose projects match your own research interests. If you are unable to find a match here, the Receiving Labs Database (AgreenLabs) was created to facilitate the matching process between incoming applicants and laboratories belonging to Agreenium members.   The AgreenLabs is a French-English bilingual search engine that permits a user to easily search for potential host units corresponding to their own research interests through the use of key words. Contact names and numbers for each laboratory are available and candidates are advised to contact the laboratories directly to enquire over available postdoctoral positions.

Eligible candidates who are already employed by an Agreenium member and wish to do a postdoctoral fellowship abroad need only get in touch with a laboratory that interests them. There are no constraints regarding laboratories affiliated with AgreenSkills members.