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AgreenSkills (2012-2016) and AgreenSkills+ (2014-2019) provided support to research projects and fellows with very attractive employment conditions, including access to state-of-the-art resources and unique career development opportunities.


The hosting laboratories participating in both AgreenSkills’ programmes commited to provide access to:

  • Financial resources needed to undertake the fellow’s research project;
  • Material resources, including laboratory equipment and high-performing experimental and technological infrastructures;
  • Human resources, notably technical and administrative staff;
  • Networkingwith the scientific community and training through seminars, workshops, conferences, including social events to ensure optimal informal learning opportunities.


AgreenSkills and AgreenSkills+, along with hosting institutions, provided attractive employment conditions

Incoming fellows (i.e. researchers applying to work in one of Agreenium’s hosting laboratories) received a monthly mobility allowance ranging between approximately €1300 and €1700 for young and independent researchers, respectively. This financial support was provided by AgreenSkills and AgreenSkills+ and included all benefits from the French health care and pension contributions, insurance and other social benefits.

The mobility allowance came in addition to a basic salary, which was ensured by different means:

  • by the home institution (if home salary is maintained during the fellowship period);
  • by the hosting laboratory (equivalent to a basic salary of a junior or senior researcher in France).

In order to respect the FP7 principles for co-funding, the basic salary could not be sourced from EU funds.

The total amount perceived (mobility allowance plus the basic salary) represented an overall salary which was significantly higher than French state salaries for young and independent researchers.

Outgoing fellows (i.e. researchers employed by one of the Agreenium members and applying to work in research units of universities or research centres outside of France) were offered a mobility allowance in the form of tax free per diems. The amount of the daily allowance (per diem) was calculated by the AgreenSkills management team and depended on the country of their stay, currency rate and current employer.

AgreenSkills and AgreenSkills+ did not provide additional financial aid to cover travel expenses. However, travel allowance could be afforded by hosting institutions.
Click here to the  AgreenSkills’ Guide for Applicants for complete information about the programme’s conditions and application procedures. 

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